What is ItemsAPI?

ItemsAPI - auto-generated search API created in Node.js and Elasticsearch.

Why it was created ?

It was created because Elasticsearch was too complex. The goal was to:

  • simplify the query system
  • make schema reindexing easier
  • make auto-generating backend by JSON data
  • make auto-generating filters and sortings by JSON collection
Note: This is the fresh documentation and still in progress. The old one is here: https://itemsapi.readme.io


  • creating lists and catalogs (restaurants, movies, gyms, doctors, places)
  • jobs search
  • prototyping booking systems
  • prototyping marketplaces
  • prototyping classifieds


  • full text searching
  • aggregations / faceted search
  • similar items (collaborative filtering algorithm)
  • seo optimized - generating nice urls for fields (permalinks)
  • geo sorting
  • auto generating API based on your data


  • Elasticsearch (database for searching)
  • Express.js (Node.js framework for creating API)
  • MongoDB (optional - for storing collections. Collections can be also stored in the file system)
  • Redis (optional - for storing permalinks)

You might think that there is lot of dependencies but in times of dockerization and cloud computing (docker, heroku) it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

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