Heroku installation

Deploy ItemsAPI starter instantly to heroku and start your app (backend creator) immediately!


Manual installation

# Install elasticsearch, redis and mongodb on your computer then..
$ git clone
$ cd starter
$ npm install
$ PORT=3000 npm start

Open localhost:3000 and follow instruction in web creator

Installation using ansible

Ansible allows you to install all things on the server using one command. Ansible playbook is configured for ubuntu server.

$ wget
# Configure your playbook.yml file (i.e. host)
$ ansible-playbook playbook.yml

Installation using docker compose

Docker is getting more popular. If you have docker-compose installed then you can run starter with all dependencies only with one command. Doesn't matter if you have linux, mac or windows.

$ git clone
# go into project directory
$ cd starter
# it will install app on port 3000 i.e. localhost:3000
$ docker-compose up
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