ItemsAPI starter


The idea of starter is generating search application quickly only by providing JSON file. The goal is to make it as simple for search application as using wordpress for blogs or easier.

Note: Please keep in mind that starter is still in conceptualization and development process and many things can change over time.


The process of creating search application consists on uploading your JSON file and configuring it for your specific needs.

JSON file
1. JSON file
Generated application
2. Generated application


ItemsAPI starter is based on Express.js and ItemsAPI. It also uses MongoDB for storing data like users or comments and Redis for session and caching purposes. Three databases seems like a lot but in dockerizations times managing it should be easier.

Potential usages

  • vertical search engine
  • meta search engine
  • catalogs
  • search engine for jobs
  • prototyping marketplaces
  • prototyping classifieds
  • comparison website
  • various rankings


ItemsAPI is created by Mateusz Rzepa and licensed under the Apache 2.0

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