Why ItemsAPI

In this post I am showing examples why it is worth to start with ItemsAPI

1. Speed

ItemsAPI is built on top of Node.js and Elasticsearch. Node.js is very fast mostly because of the asynchronous i/o. Elasticsearch is fast and very scalable solution which allows for handling easily even billions of documents if properly configured.

2. Restful API

ItemsAPI generates JSON API out of the box and you can easily use it especially for single page applications - AngularJS, Ionic, React

3. Productivity

The philosophy of ItemsAPI is to generate very powerful and functional search and recommendation API only by providing data. You can do stuff in one hour while with anothers tools it can take even a few weeks. It is like using wordpress for creating blog instead of writing wordpress system from scratch.

4. Express.js

  • it is faster than PHP and even faster than Java.
  • it is simplier than Java and C++
  • it has big community and lot of packages (much more than recently popular golang)
  • it allows for easy integration with elasticsearch and other databases
  • great testing environment - mochajs, sinon which allows for mocking, stubbing and spying
  • very simple API generation

5. Elasticsearch

  • easy integration with Node.js
  • powerful and simple api (i.e. aggregations)
  • it is growing and has vibrant community
  • fast and very scalable

6. Don't repeat yourself

If you often write restful search backend, you don't need again:

  • to prepare all queries in mysql, mongodb or even in elasticsearch
  • to find your best framework and write everything from scratch
  • to test it again and again

ItemsAPI already has it all built in one package. Provide configuration, data and your restful search API is generated.