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Designed for prototyping marketplaces, booking apps, SEO friendly catalogs
and meta search applications

Quick start

Writing tools which helps search and organize information

About ItemsAPI

ItemsAPI for developers

ItemsAPI is an abstraction layer of Elasticsearch written in Express.js.
While Elasticsearch is flexible but also very complex, ItemsAPI emphasis on simplicity, productivity and easy to use especially for web and mobile applications.
ItemsAPI is also set of various open source tools like crawlers, CLI and website generators (mostly written in Node.js).

ItemsAPI for startups

ItemsAPI is a software which helps creating vertical search engines and various catalogs in hours or even in minutes.
It also helps you prototype your booking system, marketplace, reviews system, rankings or price comparison.

Thanks to that you can make much more experiments and business validations. You can collect more feedback from users, have faster time to market and eventually create a better digital product.

How to create search API ?

1. Deploy ItemsAPI

Deploy project to heroku or start on your local machine

2. Add data

Put all your JSON data into ItemsAPI by form or command line

3. Processing data

System is intelligently processing data and creates API automatically

4. API is ready

You can focus now on mobile or web application and save time on creating backend



Full-text searching. More efficient and accurated than MySQL or MongoDB. Thanks to Elasticsearch

Geo sorting

Add latitude and longitude to your items and make sorting similar to yelp or tripadvisor

Similar items

Showing items with collaborative filtering algorithm. The same which is used by amazon


Filters generated without coding and customized in configuration. The goal is to make filtering as great as in the leading marketplaces


ShopRank - almost 1M eCommerce companies


List of software companies



Open Source

ItemsAPI is open source and available under the Apache 2 License on GitHub.