Data classification

The open source, search and data classification initiative

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List of tools

ItemsAPI the idea behind it was to put any general data and generate fully functional search API with full text search, filtering and sorting itemsapi/itemsapi
Starter the tool converting any JSON file into search web application without programming itemsapi/starter
ItemsJS simple and costless search engine in pure javascript for web itemsapi/itemsjs
Elasticitems higher level elasticsearch client in Node.js focused on facets generation and configurability itemsapi/elasticitems
Elasticbulk the tool allowing to import small and large data from any sources (PostgreSQL, JSON, MongoDB, etc) to Elasticsearch itemsapi/elasticbulk
WTJ the Node.js tool which extract data from any html webpage by jQuery selectors itemsapi/website-to-json

Key focus

Search engines

Using Elasticsearch, Algolia and experimenting with brand new ItemsJS for providing great search experience


If something works but it's very repeatable, automate it. Using tools like kubernetes, heroku, docker, ansible to accomplish that goal

User experience

Trying to improve UX in all things like software, apps and processes by continuous learning and feedback

Data mining

Trying to extract data from various sources in the easiest possible ways to make information more valuable


The research is cheaper then "inventing the wheel" again. So if there is specific solution already on the market use it


Lot of tools and ideas are failures but with constant doing and learning from mistakes we are better and better


It's great to do things you like but with monetization you know it's needed, you can do it also for a living and make a 100% focus


Trying to document processes, tools, use cases so the progress and context is visible for users


ShopRank - almost 1M eCommerce companies


List of software companies